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About KIV

Changing the World with a Smile


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Please check the phrase below. Please check the phrase below. "Volunteers consisting of ICT experts sent to nations with developing informatization capacities"

  • Number of Volunteers

    500 volunteers dispatched to developing countries

  • Destinations

    Asia, Africa, LACS, CIS, Middle East, Eastern Europe

  • Program Length

    4~6 weeks during summer break

  • Team Composition

    4 members

  • Projects

    • IT Education : Office, Arduino, programming language, etc.
    • IT Project : website building, mobile app development
    • Others : cultural exchange and experience, promotion of IT Korea, etc.

Please check the phrase below. Please check the phrase below. "Step into the Future of Informatization with World Friends ICT Volunteers"

  • Airfare

    Round-trip ticket, Visa fee, excess baggage fee, airport tax, etc.

  • Expenses

    Volunteer expenses (500,000 KRW per team) and living expenses (~900,000 KRW per person for 4 weeks)

  • Safety

    Vaccination, emergency medical assistance, travel insurance, etc.

  • Supplies

    Backpack, uniforms, hats, banners, etc.

  • IT equipment (to be donated)

    Laptop, photo printer and other equipment needed for volunteer work (to be donated at the end)

    * Provided items and services are subject to minor changes every year.