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About KIV

Changing the World with a Smile


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  • Promoting "Digital K-Wave" by bridging the global digital divide

    MISSION 01

    World Friends ICT Volunteers program seeks to bridge the global digital divide by dispatching Korean university students and ICT experts to developing countries where they carry out informatization education and ICT projects.

    Such efforts have been instrumental in spreading the “digital Korean Wave” across the globe by promoting ICT skills of Korean youths and the Korean ICT industry all over the world.

  • Sharing ICT-Korea’s Informatization Experiences

    MISSION 02

    Bridging digital divides through informatization of developing countries is an initiative befitting Korea’s international reputation as the eleventh largest economy in the world. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate Korea’s informatization know-hows and skills.

    KIV has set itself apart from other types of foreign aid by allowing Korean youths to work alongside locals on various projects, delivering Korea’s expertise and experience in ICT development.

  • Bringing Information, Inclusion, and Impartiality to Societies

    MISSION 03

    While the rapid development of information technology has opened many doors, it has come with its own challenges. Digital divides between individuals, regions, and countries are exacerbating uneven distribution of information and economic opportunities and reducing people’s quality of life.

    World Friends ICT Volunteers program is grounded in its mission to bridge the global digital divide through the dispatch of young ICT experts abroad to bring inclusion and fairness to our digital societies.

  • Cultivating Globally-Minded Youth ICT experts

    MISSION 04

    World Friends ICT Volunteers program is an initiative driven by the Korean government as part of its efforts to ‘cultivate global youth leaders.’

    ICT-related volunteer work in countries with maturing informatization level will shape youths into globally-minded, eclectic ICT experts.